Welcome to The Jewel Vine!

My hope is that you will find lots of ideas, inspiration and encouragement as you browse through the pages on this website.

The about page is great place to start. You will find out a bit about me and how I got started on this adventure of creating beaded designs. Once I started on this journey, I was hooked! What an incredible art form this is….I hope to share this passion with you!

Next, visit the gallery–this will give you an idea of the jewelry that I love to create. You will find a strong Native American influence in my designs as I see great beauty in this particular form of beadwork. I want to stay true to that influence and enable you to experience that beauty as well.

You will also be able to browse through the earrings, necklaces and sets to see my designs.

Check out my blog to find out the latest news happening here at The Jewel Vine.  There is a button located on the blog that will take you directly to my Etsy store for purchasing items.

I also have another passion and although it has nothing to do with jewelry, it has everything to do with expressing my emotions, thoughts and ideas. So, it does relate to what drives me to create. This passion is music…and I want to share this with you.

Contact me with any questions, ideas or inspirations that you have. I am eager to hear what thoughts you have!

So….enjoy your time here. I desire this site to be a place to relax, enjoy what you see and what you hear and know that you are welcome here anytime!

Seek the beauty around you!