Hi, my name is Christy and I am thrilled that you have chosen to visit me here!  I am a wife, mother, bead enthusiast, lover of books and seeker of dreams.  My faith defines who I am and I am always on a glorious journey as life unfolds before me.

My journey into beading started while I was high school (way back in the mid ’80’s!) when I discovered how to make different designs by tying different colors of embroidery floss together to make ‘friendship bracelets’.  This interest was followed by stringing beads into necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  I was then introduced to a wonderful woman, a beader and of Native American (Cherokee) descent, who opened my eyes to so much more in the area in beadwork and jewelry making.  I have continued to practice my craft in the past 20 years and am always intrigued and in awe of this art form.  It’s beauty still takes my breath away!

I have spent many days in art shows, consignment shops and just offering my art to anyone that would give me a look!  This venture into offering a website and blog is a new one, but one I am confident will be rewarding for me, as I meet new people and build relationships, but I also hope that it will be equally rewarding for you, the viewer.

In this time of economic uncertainty, I believe more than ever, we must not neglect our love of art, whatever form it takes, as it is our outlet and expression for all that we think and believe.  May you be inspired to continue seeking the beauty around you!