Starting the Year Anew

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It’s that time…to reflect on the past year and all of it’s experiences, positive and negative. To think on what went right and what we can improve upon.

For me, I would like to improve upon many things. Personally, intellectually, creatively…

I came upon a new Lisa Sonora 30 day challenge and I’m planning to take it. I need this. And more importantly, I want this.

Flow, 30 Day Journal Project is coming up January 2015 and I challenge you to join me. I promise you won’t be sorry. Lisa is an amazing artist, teacher and encourager and you will leave this challenge with more creative depth flowing into and out of your life.

Who’s with me?


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Coral and Green Dangle Earrings

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As I’m thinking of ways I can make jewelry while we are traveling with kids and cats aboard, I have come to the realization that it’s not always possible for those large projects that I like to do, but it’s totally workable with smaller projects. I can get a few beads out and within 10 minutes, I have a pair of earrings completed. So, that’s what I’m trying to do. Make some jewelry with the moments that I have. I get the reward of making something handmade and my kids get the reward of spending uninterrupted time with me. It’s all a balancing act, don’t you think?

I’ve been inspired by the emerald color this season and just love how the red, coral and emerald hues combined are so remarkably beautiful. Makes me want to go out and buy an emerald dress, take my hubby by the hand and paint the town!  Hope you enjoy looking at them!

Coral and Green Dangle Earrings

These are listed on my etsy page, along with others that I have been working on lately. Go browse and enjoy!


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Helping a Friend in Need

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I posted recently about  a friend that has been going through a VERY tough time. The unimaginable, really. Lauren is a beautiful, amazing lady and I am so blessed to call her friend. She has received so much support and love…it really is amazing to see the online community (and her local community) surround her with open arms and walk this journey with her.

One area of financial support has come in the form of online auctions. I was asked to take part in one that is taking place here in the US, and am so thankful for this opportunity to give something tangible to Lauren, as well as share my bracelet with someone, designed especially for her son, sweet Elijah Rainbow.

Heidi Jo at Swirls of Creativity is hosting this auction and it is a good one. Lots of great products and services offered…so go and place your bid!

The bidding ends tomorrow, Friday, July 20.

Also, if you want to purchase a bracelet from me, all of the proceeds from the sale of the bracelets go directly to Lauren. Visit my Etsy site and see all the details!

If you want to make a donation to Lauren, you can donate to this cause.

If you want to keep up with Lauren and read her inspiring posts, you can go to Sparkling Adventures.

I do want to say that seeing all the compassion that has been poured out to Lauren and her family is so inspiring and reminds me that love is alive and well in the community (online and otherwise) and it blesses me to see people working together to bring a little bit of joy back into a mama’s heart that has been broken. I am so thankful to be part of that community. Love wins, dear Lauren. Love wins.


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Etsy Store

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After researching and trying different modes of showing and selling my jewelry, I have decided to place all my items on the Etsy page I created several months ago.  There is so much to be tapped into there that I haven’t taken advantage of…so I have placed a button in my sidebar that will take you directly to my Etsy page that showcases the current items I have for sale.  The items there are limited at this time, but I hope to be changing that in the near future.  Stay tuned…

So feel free to browse through my page and also check out other pages there as well…there are so many incredible artists out there.  Check it out and be amazed at the beauty you will encounter.

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Autumn is Here!

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Don’t you just love the feel and smell of Autumn? Being able to take walks and enjoy the brisk Fall air–it puts a smile on my face!

I have been busy trying to make jewelry for the Christmas holidays that are quickly coming upon us…hard to believe it’s just around the corner!  But before we start singing the Christmas carols, we can enjoy the beauty of the season we are in!

No matter where you are geographically, I hope that you are embracing all that Autumn has to offer you–look around, you are surrounded by beauty!

I have listed a new item in Etsy, if you want to check it out–just in time for this wonderful season!

Hope you enjoy!


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